NWA United States Class Wrestling 1986 CWF- Florida

NWA United States Class Wrestling 1986 -CWF Florida-
The Shock Troops attack The Fabulous Ones.
The Fabulous Ones interview.
Jimmy Backlund vs. The Masked Marauder.
NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger in a “Best Of Three Falls Match.”
Ric Flair interview.
The Fabulous Ones vs. Mike Masters & Jack Towers.
The Fabulous Ones interview.
Oliver Humperdink & The Shock Troops interview.
Ron Bass interview.
Barry Windham interview.
NWA Florida Champion Ron Bass vs. Chris Champion.
Bob Roop interview.
Jerry Grey vs. Mark Starr.
The Fabulous Ones vs. The Shock Troops


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