What Really Happens If You Go To The Riddler's Website From The Batman

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The Riddler’s wicked game is spreading into real life.

In “The Batman,” a sadistic villain carves a deadly path through Gotham City, terrorizing the public as a Zodiac-esque masked serial killer. All the while, he leaves a twisted trail of opaque clues behind for Gotham City PD and the Batman himself to puzzle over – and you can play along.

The URL rataalada.com may be relevant to the plot of “The Batman,” but it’s also a real-life website that you can visit to go deeper into the lore of the movie, and even unlock some secrets.

If you’re disinclined to engage with the Riddler, don’t worry – we got you. This is what really happens if you go to The Riddler’s website from “The Batman.”

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